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For many newcomers who are new to short videos, how to shoot and edit videos is a challenge they face. They must improve their editing skills, including the tone and coherence of the entire video, in order to demonstrate good results in the later stages of the video. There will be many unnatural transitions at the beginning. Below, Jinan short video operators will share 6 tips on how to operate short videos and related content.
1、 Video positioning
Position yourself in the field you like and love it because you like it. For example, if you are familiar with cars, you can position yourself in this area.
2、 Selecting Materials
It is the theme of a video and requires continuous presentation of the content of the process. Making a video of such a theme is easier to understand than combining pictures and text. Technically speaking, this type of content is indeed displayed through video. When shooting, pay attention to changing angles and interpreting language. Don't explain too quickly. Like a daily account, no one can understand it.
3、 Title
Touching the psychology of prospective users brushing short videos is a step in writing titles. Seize the user's psychology and make them interested in your video, then your video and account will naturally be pushed to the user by the platform. Generally speaking, the psychology of users browsing short videos is basically to satisfy curiosity, self-improvement, entertainment and social interaction, find resonance, and purchase products. Match your account type and video content to specific user groups and analyze their psychology.
4、 Video content
There are many areas where short videos can be done. For example, short videos with storylines and humorous content. This type of short video uses a well-known pop music as the soundtrack, and the publisher dubs it themselves to create a humorous atmosphere. Such short videos have been recorded and uploaded by tens or hundreds of thousands of users in a short period of time, and many videos have hundreds or even millions of views.
5、 Video Transition
We can use some small techniques to make the transition of the screen less rigid and more natural, such as:
(1) We can add corresponding special effects to the edited video. PR and editing have many special effects that can be flexibly applied.
(2) Leave a frame where the music is under pressure and create an effect similar to blinking or blinking.
(3) Add directional blur to the last two frames of the previous shot, and add directional blur to the first two frames of the next shot. The effect is that after the lens blurs, the next shot immediately appears clearly.
6、 Rhythm control
The rhythm of the short video should match the music you choose. Simply put, it means using the stress of background music to cut and transition the scene, which means marking time in place to alleviate the stress. We need to grasp this degree well. Generally, background music does not always maintain a fast pace, and similarly, your editing rhythm should not always maintain a fast cut state.
Think for yourself in the early stages and take a look at other people's popular content. You can view the latest hot explosive analysis on the website, screen corresponding fields, and learn more in the early stages to make your videos look better. What other operational skills can you use on our website http://www.qwjst.com Share!



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