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As an important content carrier at present, Tiktok is undoubtedly the base of many enterprises and bloggers. Many enterprises regard Tiktok's short video operation as a standard configuration. Jinan short video operators remind you that Tiktok short video operators must know a few things!
1、 Positioning
If you want to do a good job in a long-term account, you must learn to position. What is positioning? Simply put, it is your "persona", your account's content direction is well implemented, what ideas are mainly conveyed, and what is the purpose.
2、 Nursing account
Many people are accustomed to starting publishing content directly after registering an account, but in fact, this operation is not very friendly for accounts, especially when many accounts post advertisements, which are considered "junk accounts". A better way is to go through a 3-5 day development period after registering an account, mainly to increase the weight of the account.
3、 Find benchmarking account
Content creators should be aware that the logic behind blockbusters is the same, meaning that the direction, content, and viewpoints of blockbusters are almost replicable. Therefore, when you have not yet explored a new path that belongs to you, it is recommended that you first "imitate". Pay attention to accounts in the same industry and see what types of topics and content they are doing.
4、 Tiktok algorithm rules
If you want to occupy a place in Tiktok, you must understand the rules of Tiktok. Here we mainly talk about the recommendation mechanism of Tiktok, which can be said to be a funnel mechanism for video recommendation. It is divided into three steps:
1. Cold start
Assuming that 1 million people upload short videos on Tiktok every day, Tiktok will randomly assign a cold start flow pool with average exposure to each short video. For example, after each short video is reviewed and sent out, there are an average of 1000 exposures.
2. Next round of flow pool exposure
Data selection Tiktok will analyze the data of likes, concerns, comments, forwarding and other dimensions from 1000 exposures of the 1 million short videos, and then select the videos whose indicators exceed 10%, and each video will be equally allocated 100000 exposures. Then go and see which likes, followers, reposts, and comments exceed 10%, and then roll into the next round of larger traffic pools for recommendations.
3. Boutique Recommendation Pool
Through rounds of validation, short videos with high likes, playback completion, and comment interaction rates are screened out to have the opportunity to enter the premium recommendation pool. When users open it, they see videos with tens to millions of likes, which is how they come from. By increasing likes, followers, comments, forwarding rates and other indicators, we can obtain more accurate official recommendations and gain greater exposure.
5、 Content release time
According to the recommendation algorithm given to Tiktok, the time of video publishing actually has an impact on the overall effect. If you publish at a time when the target user is more active, you have a greater chance of being seen by interested users, and you may enter a higher recommended traffic pool.
6、 Do more guidance
The evaluation dimensions of Tiktok for video are nothing more than four indicators, namely, transience, comment, forwarding, and completion rate. Therefore, when making and publishing videos, we should consider how to provide users with help for these indicators.
7、 Actively participate in activities
On Tiktok, there will be different challenges every day. You can judge the potential of hot topics according to comprehensive comparison, and then select topics that you think may be hot to imitate, which can improve the probability of recommendation.
8、 Increase the exposure of Tiktok signal
1. Hot reviews: Pay more attention to the influencers in relevant fields, and leave exciting comments at the beginning of the other party's video push. Once the video becomes popular, your review likes and attention will also increase, and the influencers themselves are potential fans of yours. By constantly grabbing hot reviews, you will continuously attract more followers.
2. Go to DOU+quick push recharge. In a nutshell, this function is to pay for the Tiktok platform to increase the exposure of accurate recommendations on the basis of natural algorithms. There's nothing wrong with the method, but it costs money and belongs to Krypton Gold players.
9、 Creating high-quality content
To obtain effective traffic in the long term, ultimately, it depends on high-quality content support.
You should know that with the development of short video, Tiktok has gone through the original era of "barbaric growth", so if you want to get traffic from Tiktok or occupy a place in the field of short video, you need to follow the rules of Tiktok. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs http://www.qwjst.com Take a look!



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